An Informed Thinking Approach

“What matters most when evaluating an investment manager? Some good old-fashioned basics.”

Experience: Good luck doesn’t drive returns over multiple business cycles — experience, discipline, and skills do.

Philosophy on ownership: We buy companies, not just stocks — and we buy them with a long-term perspective.

A client-centered view: It’s as simple as valuing the quality of the client relationship rather than the quantity of the client’s assets.

A strong core of knowledge: Active investment management demands skill, intelligence, and diligence customized for every client, portfolio, market environment, and decision.

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Developing a diversified portfolio


Buy what you know and know what you buy: a time-tested fundamental truth.
We begin our process by using a sophisticated model to screen more than 7,000 companies quantitatively, comparing earnings growth, profitability, earnings surprises, and valuation. Stocks are consistently analyzed on the same growth and valuation parameters, which eliminates bias that may preclude objective consideration. During most market cycles, not all economic sectors are attractive for investment. Our model helps us identify those sectors and the stocks within them that have higher probability of price appreciation and are trading at attractive valuations. Stocks that rank in the top percentiles are then analyzed to select the best investments for our clients' portfolios.