A honeycomb’s unique hexagonal shape provides the structure for cultivation

Colony Capital Management is an investment management firm that is part of a third-generation family business, Atlantic Investment Company, with a long history of identifying and capitalizing on investment opportunities. We work with a select group of clients with whom we have a cultural and philosophical fit on how investing can help preserve wealth.


Partnerships of Trust

T. Brad Courts, CFP®, principal, on our core values, culture, and clients

“Knowing that you and your investment manager are invested alongside one another — that is the ultimate trusted partnership.”

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An Informed thinking approach

T. Marion Slaton, president and portfolio manager, on the timelessness of
sound investing

“We’ve been called ‘old-fashioned’ because of our focus on selecting individual securities for clients’ portfolios. We stick by the following guideline: Buy what you know; know what you buy.”

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A history of integrity

Richard W. Courts, II, chairman, Atlantic Investment Company, on our history and heritage

“My uncle and father, the founders of the predecessor of today’s Atlantic Investment Company, were known for unfailing integrity in all of their business and personal dealings. If there is one word I want people to use to describe this group of companies, it is integrity.”

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